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Water Damage

Maple Leaf Public Adjusters is here to help you restore your home, business, or property by handling your water damage claims in Florida. We are passionate about your right to a fair investigation and fight for compensation whether your home sustains minor or severe damage. That’s why our seasoned public adjusters will serve as advocates for your claim and strive for the best possible results.

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How Does Water Damage Happen?

Firstly, water damage can be defined as any damage caused to your home, rental property, or business because of a failure in your water system. You’re eligible to file a claim whether your pipes leak mildly or your entire property is flooded. If you find visible damage attributed to water, your insurance policy should cover it. Water damage is commonly caused by, but not limited to the following:

  • Broken Pipes: Pipes that leak or have burst entirely.
  • Clogged Drains: Back up or water overflow in your drainage system, including A/C drainage systems.
  • Natural Disasters: Flooding, hurricanes, or any natural destructive force.
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How Do I Find Water Damage?

Unfortunately, signs of water damage can be challenging to locate since most of your water system is hidden from plain sight. If you notice any standing water or staining around your home that an accidental spill cannot explain or water that seems to seep out from a hidden source, then we recommend scheduling an inspection. Another way to monitor for damage is by keeping track of your water bill. If your monthly water bill increases, yet your water usage remains the same, there’s a decent chance that your home is experiencing a leak.

What Should I Do After Finding Damage?

There must be no prior knowledge of water damage or risk if you want to file a claim properly. Your insurance provider may argue that you knew about your damage or impending damage and did nothing to stop it, therefore disqualifying you from receiving compensation. If you suddenly discover damage and want to pursue compensation, there are a few important actions you can take to ensure you have a solid case later in the process:

Short-Term Prevention

Once you discover water damage and its source, do everything in your power to prevent further damage immediately. Preventative measures you can take include capping off your leak or trying to dry out the affected areas. Doing so will show you did everything you could do before hiring a professional for major repairs.

Detailed Documentation

Please request that your plumber or handyman takes detailed notes, extensive photos, and document the process of repairing your damage. Your professionals can act as investigators on your behalf. They can establish a timeline of your damage, provide written evidence that you did everything to prevent further damage, and detail what parts need to be fixed or replaced.

Preserve the Damage

This action may seem counterintuitive, but it's vital to establish a strong case. Though you may dislike the appearance or smell of water damage, you need to keep it intact, so your insurance company can conduct a proper investigation. Keeping the damage offers undeniable proof that a failure or accident occurred and that you deserve compensation.

Earn Your Claim With a Free Inspection

Dealing with water damage can be stressful, but we’re here to help. Our adjuster will alleviate some of the stress through a free inspection, assessing the details of your case, and guiding you in the right direction. You can trust us to serve as passionate advocates for your property and livelihood.

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