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Public Adjusters Serving All of Florida

Get Your Home or Business Back to Normal

We Help You Get Your Life Back

Whether your claim has been made, denied or even underpaid, our adjusters can make this an easy and enjoyable process for you. We provide clients with services that address a wide range of damage claims for residential and commercial properties. Our experienced consultants will guide you throughout your case, developing an intelligent negotiation strategy with the most favorable results in mind for you or your business. If your property has suffered from a fire, flooding, natural disaster, vandalism, theft and beyond, we’ll conduct a thorough inspection and provide detailed documentation. We aim to build you a solid, evidence-driven case so you can earn your compensation and get your life back to normal.

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What Is a Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster is a professional claims handler/claims adjuster who advocates for the insured/policyholder in assisting and negotiating that insured’s insurance claim. What makes us different? We’re fair and honest in our assessment of your specific circumstances. It’s important to understand that you’re the client, and we are here to assist YOU. Our adjusters stay regimented throughout your case, documenting your damages and property objectively and free from bias. We’ll determine how much compensation you deserve with the utmost precision. Further, we collect when you collect. No recovery, no fees it’s that simple. If you reach a point during the claim where you want to settle on the number being offered, then we’ll do just that no questions asked. We’re here to make your process as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Free Inspections and Policy Reviews

We take a significant amount of stress and hassle out of your claim by providing free inspections and policy reviews. If your property sustains damage, we’ll inspect it and provide in-depth documentation without missing a beat. Many policyholders forget or are unaware of their policy details. Our consultants will analyze your policy free of charge. It is crucial you understand what you are insured for and with who. Our adjusters will determine what coverages your policy consists of, which will empower you to decide how to best proceed with your case.

Florida Public Adjuster License #W665943

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