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Storm Damage

Maple Leaf Public Adjusters have helped countless homeowners and property owners get back to normal by assisting them in filing their storm damage claims in Florida. We understand the effects of natural disasters that often occur in our region. That’s why we offer our clients strong council and adjustment strategies that help them earn the compensation they deserve. Recovering from a natural disaster can be difficult, but we’re here to make the process easier by advocating for your claim so you can get back to living your life.

storm damaged house

How Do I Prepare for a Claim?

Unfortunately, assessing the aftermath of a natural disaster can be complex, time-consuming, and at times dangerous. Luckily, there are actions you can take to expedite the process and make your filing as smooth and seamless as possible:

  • Pre-Disaster Documentation: If you want to file a proper claim, you need to take photos and provide evidence that your home was in good condition before the storm hit and that you can attribute damages directly to the storm.
  • Post-Disaster Documentation: Like your pre-disaster documentation, taking post-disaster documentation is crucial. Doing so will provide a clear “before-and-after” picture of your home, adding further proof that the natural disaster is to blame for recent damages. However, assess your home only when it is safe to do so.
  • Keep Your Documents Safe: Storing your documents in a safe, secure place will preserve them so you can use them in the future. Safe storage is critical if you’ve documented damages on paper or through technology that is prone to damage itself.
  • Request a Thorough Inspection: Hiring a professional to investigate and assess your damage will lend credibility to your claim and contribute to a sold case. An inspector may also locate damages that you were unaware of or could not detect at the time or your documentation.

Start Recovery With a Free Pre-Loss Inspection

You may find starting the recovery process after a natural disaster difficult, so we recommend starting with a free pre-loss inspection. This process is highly crucial to your post-storm success. We will document your property before the disaster arrives, making the claim process that much easier. Once the storm has presented itself and the damages it causes, our adjuster will counsel you throughout your claim, alleviating the stress of recovery and reassuring you that you are not alone. You may have a long road ahead, but our professionals will guide you through to a brighter conclusion.

Get a Free Inspection

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