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Public Adjusters Proudly Serving All of Florida

Maple Leaf Public Adjusters is a dependable and fair adjusting firm helping the residents of Florida get their lives and business back to normalcy. Our public adjusters have over fifteen years of experience navigating through the complexities of insurance claims and rewarding our clients with the best possible outcome in their cases.  We cover a wide range of policies and claims, deploying a keen eye for detail to inspect and document your property and draw honest conclusions. We’ll then develop a robust negotiation strategy to deliver the best results. We use our skills and expertise to help our clients get through the most challenging periods of their lives.

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A Results-Driven and Civil Approach

We want the best results for our clients. That’s why we build cases with evidence and facts on our side, presenting reliable information for a successful negotiation. Our adjusters believe that civility is key to a results-generating negotiation. We have years of experience communicating respectfully with insurance carriers, and providing outstanding results for our clients. Our public adjusters will conduct the process with the highest level of dignity from your first meeting to the moment your negotiation is finalized. Simply put, your negation depends upon open and honest communication to succeed. Our adjuster will present the evidence and offer a reasonable estimation for the compensation you’re owed to yield the most favorable results.

Free Inspections and Policy Reviews

Our consultants will conduct a rigorous inspection and policy review free of charge. We are detail-oriented and examine the information precisely, whether we’re inspecting the damage inflicted upon your property or reviewing your policy terms. Our free review will provide you with a crystal-clear analysis if you are unsure about your insurance policy details. Knowing the exact details of your policy and the damages it covers is key to building your case, or it provides the information needed to execute a new policy if you’re not covered properly. We will ensure that you have the relevant information for boosting your chances of compensation from your insurance carrier. We’re the disciplined adjusters you need guiding you towards compensation.

Florida Public Adjuster License #W665943

Member of FAPIA Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters

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