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What We Do

Maple Leaf Public Adjusters is here to take care of your home, family, or business by taking on your fire damage claim in Florida. We’re compassionate, dependable, and know the ins and outs of dealing with insurance companies. We understand the stress of dealing with the aftermath of a fire, and we offer our skills and resources so you can achieve the best outcome possible. We’re here to serve you.

home on fire

What You Need to Know Before Filing

Filing after a fire takes place in your home or property may seem daunting. You may feel nervous or worried about filing and who to trust on top of dealing with the trauma of surviving danger. You may be wondering: How do I claim if I caused the fire on accident? Or you might be wondering if your small, easily extinguished fire is even worth filing a claim over. We’re here to put your mind at ease with helpful information that will clarify your filing. Here’s what you need to know:

  • You Have a Right to Your Claim: Please know that it does not matter the size or severity of your fire incident. If your entire house went up in flames or your kitchen sustained minor burns during a routine cooking accident, you’re within your right to pursue compensation all the same.
  • You Aren’t at Fault for Accidents: Did the fire result from leaving dinner in the oven for too long? Did your child play with faulty wiring like a toy? If so, you’re entitled to just compensation, even if the fire resulted from an accident on your part.
  • An Investigation Must Be Conducted: The investigation is not conducted to establish fault. Instead, the analysis is intended to learn the full extent of your damages and the scope of your repairs. Conducting a thorough investigation will hopefully yield higher compensation.

Restore Your Home With a Free Inspection

The process for filing a claim and receiving your compensation is long. That’s why we provide a free inspection to start you off on the right track. Our consultants guide you throughout your filing, from in-depth fire investigation to communicating with insurance companies. You can depend on us with your questions and concerns, walking with you towards a brighter future.

Get a Free Inspection

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