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Mold Damage

Maple Leaf Public Adjusters is here to provide you peace of mind by helping you win your mold damage claims in Florida. If your property incurs damage due to a minor or severe case of mold build-up, then you are entitled to compensation by your insurance provider. We’ll help you recoup the costs and earn you a favorable outcome by using our expertise to guide you in the right direction. Our adjusters are seasoned and we generate proven client results.

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Why Does Mold in My Space Matter?

Mold can occur for various reasons, but moisture build-up, water leaks, and poor ventilation are the most common causes of mold issues. Mold is a nuisance to all properties and should be eliminated before getting out of hand. However, completely eradicating mold from your premises may take days of labor and product application, costing you thousands of dollars. That’s why you may be eligible for mold compensation. Here’s why you should consider getting rid of this unappealing substance that grows in properties across the area:

  • It’s Gross: If you’ve ever seen mold growing on a wall or surface and winced at its unsightly appearance, you’re not alone. Simply put, mold looks and feels gross. Having mold build-up diminishes your property’s appeal and may negatively affect its resale value.
  • It’s Dangerous: Mold contains toxins and allergens that can have severe consequences for your health. If your space has mold build-up, you run the risk of developing respiratory issues in the future. Further, any inhabitant with current health issues may be in danger.
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What Is Loss of Use Reimbursement?

Mold eradication is a time-consuming and often hazardous process that may require you to vacate your property for a period. If vacating your property costs—such as hotel or motel expenses—then you may be eligible for “loss-of-use” reimbursement, which provides compensation for your time away and your money spent on a temporary place to stay. You can request a free review from our consultants to determine whether your policy includes “loss-of-use” reimbursement.

Improve Quality of Life With a Free Inspection

Mold poses a threat to the aesthetics of your home and danger to your loved ones. That’s why we recommend scheduling a free inspection to help you move forward. You can trust us to develop a robust strategy that earns you the compensation you deserve. Our public adjusters are on standby to help meet your needs.

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