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Business Loss Claims

Maple Leaf Public Adjusters helps business owners file and negotiate business loss claims in Florida. Losing your property and your profits are among the most devastating experiences a business owner can have. That’s why we provide a passionate expert adjuster to help businesses recover. Our specialists will inspect, document, and negotiate the terms of your claim. We’re here to serve as advocates for you and your commercial property, and we’ll strive to produce the best results possible. If you need a trusted and experienced adjuster on your side, we’re here to deliver.

What Are the Causes of Business Destruction?

Aside from the hassle and heartbreak of rebuilding, business destruction can cause you to lose profit and destabilize business growth, leading to more significant losses in the long run. If your business experiences the following disasters, you may be eligible to file a claim:

Theft or Vandalism

Burglars or vandals breaking in, stealing, or defacing the property.

Fire and Smoke

Purposeful or accidental destruction resulting from flames or smoke.

Natural Disaster

Hurricanes, floods, high winds, and other weather-related destructors.

Water Leakage

Minor or severe destruction resulting from leaking or busted pipes.

Building Collapse

Your building falls or collapses due to unforeseen circumstances.

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Can You Review My Insurance Policy?

Absolutely, and we’ll review free of charge. Unfortunately, some insurance carriers do not reimburse for business interruption and business owners and renters sign contracts without double-checking. Make sure you know your policy through and through before filing. We provide a free policy review to inform you of your policy’s details.

Recover Your Livelihood With a Free Inspection

After losing your commercial property to unfortunate destruction, you may wonder where to go next. We encourage contacting us to schedule a free inspection to start you off on the right track. We’ll evaluate your property free of charge and document the damages in precise detail, all to win you just compensation. You deserve to regain your property and your profits.

Get a Free Inspection

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